Nomad Vibes - Monica Sampietro

A reflection on #migration, #integration and cultural #identity.

A performance that aims at capturing and relating essence and vibes of nomadism, discovering its places, culture and style, amid fabrics and masks that reveal African and South American stylistic influences.

A project involving the departments of Visual Arts, Fashion and Design of the Accademia Galli – IED Como , in the creation of cloaks inspired by nomads and tribal masks. An artistic happening that will cross the city, linking places with cultures, networks of streets with the integration of peoples.

MONDADORI STORE , Piazza DuomoFriday April 7th11:30 AM, 

Press conference (invitation only)1:30 PM, 

Departure of itinerant performanceRoute: 

Piazza Duomo, 

Central Station, 

Ventura – Lambrate, 

Via Tortona

Team Fashion:
Coordinatrici : Prof.ssa Gabriella Mondelli - Prof.ssa Monica Sampietro 
Studenti: Federica Gattuso,
Genny Camagni, Giovanni Ostinelli, Francesca Cappuccio, Liciane Kenik.

Team Arti Visive:
Coordinatore: Prof. Michael Rotondi

Studenti: Gaia Russignaga, Raquel Tonaccia, Massimiliano Mazza, Martina Morreale, Martina Sozzi, Riccardo
Viganò, Cristiana Mazzoni.

Team Design:
Coordinatore: Prof. Luigi Milanese

Studenti: Gabriele Bianchi, Giovanni Taddei, Luca Valsecchi, Vladimir Mazzoletti, Nicole Yao Yihong.

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